How the Realtor Finder Service Works

There are fantastic Realtors out there, but the real estate industry as it exists today is ready for a refresh. Since 2020, the number of Realtors has grown by more than 45%, there are close to 2 million Realtors in the U.S. alone. The Realtor Finder process helps you find a realtor, and not any realtor, we hand-pick high-quality realtors that align with your goals, and specilize in your market and situation.

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The Realtor Finder Process

We know what it's like to search for Realtors near me. We have been there. There are fantastic Realtors out here, but the real estate industry as it exists today is ready for a refresh. Since 2020, the number of Realtors has grown by more than 45%, there are close to 2 million Realtors in the U.S. alone. The Realtor Finder process helps you find the perfect Realtor.

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Some frequently asked questions

How is Realtor Finder free?

A small portion of the commission earned by the real estate professional that you select is paid by the Realtor in our network to the Realtor Finder team as a "finder's fee". We only earn this fee after successfully matching you with a Realtor, and only after your deal has been completed to your satsifaction - aligning our interests with yours.

Am I going to get bomboarded with phone calls, texts and emails?

No! We guarantee your privacy. We will never sell your information to anyone, We will never share your information with anyone, except for with the Real Estate Professionals that you choose (at the end of our matchmaking process). If for whatever reason you do not select a Realtor, you will not be contacted. You will only be contacted through the methods/mediums you select (phone, text, email, etc).

How is this different than or Zillow?

Other real estate websites focus on helping home buyers find specific properties, which is great, except the customer is then stuck dealing with whatever listing agent has paid their way to glue themselves to that property. Similarly, Home Sellers using these kinds of websites are often bombarded by agents trying to snag their property as a listing. We sidestep all of that nonsense, and connect trusted, vetted professionals, with buyers and sellers with unique needs.  

How can Realtor Finder make useful recommendations, you are just passing me off to an affiliate, right?

We actually do what we say, our team of Certified Real Estate Professionals has access to data on Realtors in every state, and our team has built a proprietary database of professionals who add value to every transaction (monitored by our internal "happy homeowner score"). We also have Realtors in our network who specialize in niche type deals. No matter if you need a multi-lingual agent, are buying your first house, your 15th investment property, are relocating internationally, are selling an out-of-state inherited home - we have a Certified Realtor who specilizes in that!

Where is your office located?

Our home office is located in charming Hudson, Ohio - but through the power of our network and app, our service is available just about anywhere on the planet.